What should the European Union do in answer to the USA’s latest sanctions against Russia?

One, ignore the USA’s latest sanctions against Russia and help build the gas pipe in the East Sea to its completion.

Two, immediately establish am EU law requiring all persons living in and entering into any European Union Nation be passport identified, fully fingerprinted and photograph; this data will be kept on file within the Justice Department’s of all EU Nations for a period of seventy years.

Three, require all non EU Nationals entering the EU to have an EU entrance visa valid for six months.

Four, force all USA’s Military units out of all EU Nations, before the end of 2017.

In addition to the four items above, Germany needs to activate Article 67 of the German Constitution and replace the holy roller Angela Merkel with a common sense leader; if none can be found in Germany’s present day lower house, wait until the general election in September and vote out of office, and into the street, the entire German lower house.