RF Writes’ Predictions;


RF Writes’ Predictions;

If Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front, does not win the French Presidency, she and her party, the National Front will be swept into the abyss of France’s forgotten to be forever forgotten.

Popper Romeo, known to those who know where it is located by its other name, Puerto Rico, will vote to continue to remain in the never – never land of Common Wealth along with its thoroughly corrupted government whose legislatively legalised fiscal incompetence is the envy of Wall Street.

The US Congress will not give The Donald the starter allowance for his wall across the USA’s frontier with the EUM; therefore, The Donald will veto the 2018 budget shutting the US Government down from October 2017, well into the first ninety days of 2018.

Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany [Beware of political parties with long names.] will, because of her empty headed open frontier decrees, be bounced out of Germany’s politics on her rear, which will allow her to safely bounce all the way to Switzerland where she will be forgotten, but not her empty headed decrees; they will continue to haunt Germany.

The Donald and his collection of White House liars will not engage with North Korea at the table or on the battlefield now or in the future. The negotiator will be the newly elected President of South Korea who will finally bring peace to the Korean Peninsula: Yankee Go Home. Your House On Fire!