Gender versus Sex


Most of the confusion stemming from Gender and Sex comes straight out of the USA; the country where gender gets you into any toilet stall, male or female and sex gets you arrested. The reason for this horrible misuse of English words dates back to England and the Puritans, who after many failed tries to further expunge the leftover Roman Catholic dogma still running about naked in the Church of England’s prayer books and song books were themselves finally rounded up, put aboard ships and pushed out to sea. Eventually the Puritans found the East Shore of the Western Hemisphere and with much help from the Aborigines (Indians live in India) established a foot in the door. With one foot in the door, the Puritans gave a massive push and took the house over; the rest is history.

One would think with the coming of the Africans, Asians and the Europeans Christian Fundamentalism would have been bleached out of the fabric, no not true; bullshit falls wherever the preacher stands; goodwill to all mankind (notice the generic use of the male term man) much of the time falls on barren ground. Give those two practices 300 plus years to ferment and by 1950 +/- Christian Fundamentalism, the far right type, had taken over the social and political life of the USA’s people.