Antony, The Mooch, Scaramucci is out. Why? Why was The Mooch allowed in?

RF Writes assumed that some time in the normally forgotten past, The Mooch had a big buck business deal with the then the Donald in which the then the Donald came out the big loser. Fast forward to the present day and the now The Donald. Seeing a golden dream come true, to get even, The Donald hires The Mooch only to humiliate The Mooch by sacking him via National TV eleven days later; but that’s not true. According to the WH leaks, daughter and son-in-law wanted to rid the WH of Reince Priebus. Who to get? Being from NYC, they knew The Mooch was capable of ridding the WH of Reince Priebus. Enter Stage Left, a clever daddy o con-job. Bingo. RP and TM are gone forever from the WH and their hair too. Now the Big Question: How will the NYC Duo rid the WH of the General?