Gender versus Sex


Most of the confusion stemming from Gender and Sex comes straight out of the USA; the country where gender gets you into any toilet stall, male or female and sex gets you arrested. The reason for this horrible misuse of English words dates back to England and the Puritans, who after many failed tries to further expunge the leftover Roman Catholic dogma still running about naked in the Church of England’s prayer books and song books were themselves finally rounded up, put aboard ships and pushed out to sea. Eventually the Puritans found the East Shore of the Western Hemisphere and with much help from the Aborigines (Indians live in India) established a foot in the door. With one foot in the door, the Puritans gave a massive push and took the house over; the rest is history.

One would think with the coming of the Africans, Asians and the Europeans Christian Fundamentalism would have been bleached out of the fabric, no not true; bullshit falls wherever the preacher stands; goodwill to all mankind (notice the generic use of the male term man) much of the time falls on barren ground. Give those two practices 300 plus years to ferment and by 1950 +/- Christian Fundamentalism, the far right type, had taken over the social and political life of the USA’s people.






“This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this Germany”


“This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England” 

Richard ll, Act 2 Scene 1. Your Majesty, 1367 to 1400, we Thank You. Mr Shakespeare, 1564 to 1616, we Thank You. Otto van Bismark, 1815 to 1898, the best known gerrymander of the Enlightened era; the Enlightened era’s beginning was before Bismark; however, we, who came after Bismark, are still being enlightened. Please note: The writer of this essay has no proof the naughty WW2 name Gerry or Gerries, had anything to do with Bismark’s 1871 gerrymandering which brought together all the various German Tribes, sorry could not resist that, to form (dot)de.

Historical Note: “In the 1880s Otto van Bismarck set aside his conservative impulses to counter the socialists by creating Europe’s first modern welfare state, establishing national healthcare (1883), accident insurance (1884) and old age pensions (1889).”Quoted from: ( Every person, anywhere in the world, who has or has had any one of the life saving dignities listed above, owes her or his life saving dignity (ies) to Chancellor Otto van Bismarck. Your Excellency. We Thank You.

2017 – 1889 = 128. One hundred and twenty-eight years of old age pensions have gone past us and neither the English nor the Germans have yet to figure, it is money, an acceptable pension plan for the working women and the working men. Both Prime Minister May’s and Chancellor Merkel’s solution, apparently their only solution, is to higher the starting age for pension plan retirement, 60, 65, 67, 70, anyone for 90? Has it not occurred to either lady, every year added to the starting age for pension plan retirement is another year the newly educated, the fresh new ideas, the energetic, the problem solving whiz kids (grandchildren) have to stay home, unemployed with Grandma and Grandpa.

Miss Sophie Tucker, The Last of the Red Hot Mamas, USA, sang: “One of these days you’re going…. Well ladies if you two do not come up with an acceptable solution to the old age pensions, one of these days in the not too distant future, you will need to call out the Army to try and control all the Old Goats who will take to the streets in riot gear. 






What do we do with Mitch McConnell?


What do we do with Mitch McConnell, the US Senate Leader; who, if you do not know has failed year after year to close down – shut down – tear down – throw down – drag down – push down The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act and a.k.a. Obamacare? We retire him. But not to the Assisted Living and Special Care Home for Retired US Senators; Mitch McConnell needs to prove he is a leader; therefore, we have set up a special leadership job where Mitch McConnell can prove he is entitled to go to that special retirement home mentioned above. That special leadership job is leader of the Monkey Community at the National Zoological Park located in the Nation’s Capital, D.C., USA. If Mitch McConnell proves to the people of the USA that he can organize and lead the Monkey community far, far, far better than he organized and led the Monkey Community’s not so distance cousins in the US Senate, he will be allowed to enter the Assisted Living and Special Care Home for Retired US Senators.


The Donald, the Donald and others


Once again The Donald is on the carpet; however, this time The Donald is with the Donald Junior, notice lower case t, son-in-law, notice no t h e at all, and a collection of not so rich and famous would be would be(s). Before we, with the help of the US Justice Department, sweep them all away, let us use the right Carpet Sweeper.

Treason is the only felony written into the USA’s Constitution. The requirements needed to be accused of the only felony written into the Constitution are clearly written in Article lll Section 3; so clearly are the requirements that any person who accuses any person of treason belongs to one of the following terms: Ignorant or Stupid.

To qualify for ignorant, the accuser need only to not read Article lll, Section 3 of the US Constitution. Better yet do not even look at the US Constitution, that is, make believe, ignorant people find it easy to make believe, the US constitution was never written.

Qualifying to be stupid is more difficult, much more difficult. To qualify for stupid, the accuser must read Article lll, Section 3 of the US Constitution, in detail, plus, after reading Article lll, Section 3, in detail; the accuser – reader must disbelieve every word of Article lll, Section 3 of the US Constitution, he or she has read in detail.

Whatever it was the above mentioned and not mentioned rich and famous and not so rich and famous would be would be(s) did do naughty, it was not Treason.


Mr Bannon as the current day’s, Deep Throat


Who in The Donald’s White House Staff is leaking White House insider criminal activity to the press? Who has the most power to gain among The Donald’s White House Staff if The Donald’s Son-in-Law Jared Corey Kushner joins his father as a convicted felon? RF Writes’ guess is Stephen Kevin Bannon; who RF Writes regards as the most dangerous person to Democracy to occupy any place in the USA Government. Mr Bannon has the most power to gain with the departure of Mr Kushner; therefore, logic would finger Mr Bannon as the current day’s, Deep Throat



The Donald and China


The Donald and China: Now that The Donald has given Russia a freehand in hacking the USA’s political parties, and their shenanigans too; it is time to give China a freehand in hacking the USA’s political parties, and their shenanigans too, but first, we need to compare The Donald’s qualities or lack of qualities with the great writers of China. Will The Donald’s qualities or lack of qualities qualify The Donald to give China the hacking free hand it already has to hack away? Let us see. Confucius claims that a ruler can be great by doing nothing – definitely The Donald. Chuang Chou’s philosophy advocates keeping the mind free of politics – definitely The Donald. Chuang Chou’s philosophy advocates keeping the mind free of authority – definitely NOT The Donald. Chuang Chou’s philosophy advocates keeping the mind free of Conventional ways of thinking – definitely The Donald. That’s three out of four in favour of The Donald. The Donald wins, but not 100%, only 75%, which means Chuang Chou will be requires to turn over all his philosophy notes for a recount; it’s 100% for The Donald or it will be proven without a shadow of a doubt the 25% of Chuang Chou’s philosophy came from the DEAD.



What is wrong with the USA; the USA’s political system has made it easier to buy a politician then it is to buy a garden fresh tomato; however, not for John Q. Citizen, the buying is done by big, big money lobbies; John Q. Citizen is ignored by the USA’s political system. One cannot get elected to the US Congress without the permission of the Israel Lobby, the Pharmaceutical Lobby, the NRA Lobby, the Wall Street Lobby, the Military Industrial Weapons Lobby, the Oil and Gas Lobby, the Coke Brothers and other Millionaire, Billionaire Lobbies. Obviously, some of the before mentioned lobbies are more crucial to the Congressperson than others; however, all the lobbies are big money contributors to your Congressperson. The Congress does not create bills that become laws when signed by the President; it is the paid lobbies that financially enhance the bank accounts of your Congressperson that create and write the bills the President signs into law

The most dangerous enemy of the many enemies the USA has is the ignorance of its own citizens. The ignorant citizen is the easiest citizen to bamboozle; they are the prime targets of Fundamentalism, Conservatism, the American Riflemen’s Association (NRA) and the multitude of USA corporations lobbing, via television advertising, for their mind and money. It is the ignorant citizens who vote into power the dangerous politicians. A good example is the current US President, The Donald. A Mafia State is a state run by a family; under Donald Trump, The Donald, the USA if fast becoming a Mafia State.