A Vote For Statehood


Puerto Rico Report

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

“Puerto Rico has chosen to become the 51st State of the Union. Statehood won yesterday’s plebiscite by a landslide: 97% of votes cast favored statehood.  Among the other two options on the ballot, the current territorial status received 1.3% of the vote and independence/free association had 1.5% of voter support….”

Any person who does not believe in miracles (“an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. The miracle of rising from the grave.”) start believing. As the paragraph above from Puerto Rico Report stated, the people of Puerto Rico have voted for statehood. Some of you may think miracle is a bit strong for this vote; however, those who have some knowledge of the Island’s history would, as I am doing, place this vote for statehood right next to “The miracle of rising from the grave.” Puerto Rico has been since 1898, buried under a bureaucracy of unnecessary and unfair USA legislation, plus, since 1948, the people of Puerto Rico have been buried under the corruption of the Popular Democratic Party. Now they have risen.



The European Union and the European Common Market


The European Union and the European Common Market


As it stands now, the European Union, which is in reality an agglomeration of European nations interested in separate but equal status, is being led around by one nation, Germany; Germany is itself not one whole nation; Germany is a conglomeration of sixteen Dark Age Kingdoms and First Century to Sixth Century Roman Catholic Bistümer, i.e., Bishoprics; all of which are being led around in close order drill by a centralised Berlin government composed of daydreamers. This conglomeration has for the past 145 years gone under various names, but not only that, the decisions of the rather messy conglomeration throughout the past 145 years have continuously brought to itself and the rest of Europe: Ignorance, Fear, Hatred, Misery, Destruction and Death.  It is time for a change; Europe does not need German leadership; Europe needs Germen cooperation. Europe needs to stand together and take care of itself, by itself.  Europe does NOT need the USA in Europe. Let us stand together and throw the USA out of Europe. We also have a second option. Europe can sit down and calmly negotiate the abolishment of the European Union and in its place establish a European Common Market with the following ten basic binding laws.

  1. The immediate abolishment of the Schengen Agreement
  2. The immediate establishment of laws allowing ECM Nations to deport unproductive foreign nationals – non native born – from its national landholdings
  3. The immediate establishment of laws allowing the immediate deportation of foreign nationals – non native born – convicted of any act more serious than a misdemeanour from its national landholdings
  4. The final decision for emigration, migration and residency for each Common Market Nation will be forever kept within the Court of Last Resort of that nation from which the decision comes forth
  5. The immediate establishment of a common written trading language
  6. The immediate establishment of trade protection laws for all Common Market Nations
  7. The legal status of all European Common Market Nations will be equal. No written or unwritten law from any European Common Market Nation or a collection there of, may bypass the legal status law
  8. The absolute obedience of all member nations to the European Common Market’s Court of Last Resort for all tort laws concerning European Common Market trading matters.
  9. The establishment of a revolving national Coast Guard to protect the trading route, and national sovereignty of nations within the European Common Market
  10. The establishment of a European Common Market Defence Force, followed by the immediate abolishment of NATO











RF Writes’ Predictions;


RF Writes’ Predictions;

If Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front, does not win the French Presidency, she and her party, the National Front will be swept into the abyss of France’s forgotten to be forever forgotten.

Popper Romeo, known to those who know where it is located by its other name, Puerto Rico, will vote to continue to remain in the never – never land of Common Wealth along with its thoroughly corrupted government whose legislatively legalised fiscal incompetence is the envy of Wall Street.

The US Congress will not give The Donald the starter allowance for his wall across the USA’s frontier with the EUM; therefore, The Donald will veto the 2018 budget shutting the US Government down from October 2017, well into the first ninety days of 2018.

Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany [Beware of political parties with long names.] will, because of her empty headed open frontier decrees, be bounced out of Germany’s politics on her rear, which will allow her to safely bounce all the way to Switzerland where she will be forgotten, but not her empty headed decrees; they will continue to haunt Germany.

The Donald and his collection of White House liars will not engage with North Korea at the table or on the battlefield now or in the future. The negotiator will be the newly elected President of South Korea who will finally bring peace to the Korean Peninsula: Yankee Go Home. Your House On Fire!