What is wrong with the USA; the USA’s political system has made it easier to buy a politician then it is to buy a garden fresh tomato; however, not for John Q. Citizen, the buying is done by big, big money lobbies; John Q. Citizen is ignored by the USA’s political system. One cannot get elected to the US Congress without the permission of the Israel Lobby, the Pharmaceutical Lobby, the NRA Lobby, the Wall Street Lobby, the Military Industrial Weapons Lobby, the Oil and Gas Lobby, the Coke Brothers and other Millionaire, Billionaire Lobbies. Obviously, some of the before mentioned lobbies are more crucial to the Congressperson than others; however, all the lobbies are big money contributors to your Congressperson. The Congress does not create bills that become laws when signed by the President; it is the paid lobbies that financially enhance the bank accounts of your Congressperson that create and write the bills the President signs into law

The most dangerous enemy of the many enemies the USA has is the ignorance of its own citizens. The ignorant citizen is the easiest citizen to bamboozle; they are the prime targets of Fundamentalism, Conservatism, the American Riflemen’s Association (NRA) and the multitude of USA corporations lobbing, via television advertising, for their mind and money. It is the ignorant citizens who vote into power the dangerous politicians. A good example is the current US President, The Donald. A Mafia State is a state run by a family; under Donald Trump, The Donald, the USA if fast becoming a Mafia State.





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