Sovereignty and Thy Mother


Today, the European Union is in reality an agglomeration of European nations interested in separate but equal status, hardly a union; however, even in its present state of separate but equal status, there is a possibility to form a binding confederation and still maintain national sovereignty, a European Confederation. To be successful at whatever we choose, a union, a confederation or as European Nations – Europe – we must first recognize the fact that all the peoples within Europe are all born from the same Mother, Europa. Keeping that fact in mind, we can sit down and calmly negotiate the establishment of a realistic Europe; a Europe where national sovereignty and a universal Mother are the binding forces. It is suggested that the thirteen commandments listed below be the legal foundation for today’s and tomorrow’s Europe.

  1. The immediate abolishment of the Schengen Agreement
  2. The immediate establishment of laws allowing European Nations to deport unproductive foreign nationals – non native born – from its national landholdings
  3. The immediate establishment of laws allowing the immediate deportation of foreign nationals – non native born – convicted of any act more serious than a misdemeanour from its national landholdings
  4. The final decision for emigration, migration and residency for each European Nation will be forever kept within the Court of Last Resort of that nation from which the decision comes forth
  5. The immediate establishment of a common written trading language
  6. The immediate establishment of trade protection laws for all Confederation Nations
  7. The legal status of all European Confederation Nations will be equal. No written or unwritten law from any European Nation or a collection there of, may bypass the legal status law
  8. The absolute obedience of all member nations to the European Confederation’s Court of Last Resort for all tort laws concerning European Confederation trading matters.
  9. The establishment of a revolving national Coast Guard to protect the trading routes, and national sovereignty of nations within the European Confederation
  10. The establishment of a European Defence Force, followed by the immediate abolishment of NATO
  11. The removal of all USA Armed Forces from all national territories within the European Common Market, and the restriction of USA Naval ships and Air Force aircraft not to enter closer than 200 nautical miles to any and all territories of Europe
  12. The immediate establishment requiring all persons living or entering into any European Confederation Nation for any reason to be passport identified, fully fingerprinted and photograph; the data will be kept on file within the Justice Department’s of all Confederation Nations for a period of seventy years.
  13. The requirement of all non Confederation Nationals to apply for an entrance visa six months before considering travel to all nations in the European Confederation.






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