A Nation Without A President


The USA is a nation without a President. The Donald, the USA’s latest President is a millionaire real-estate business man who is completely oblivious of the duties, responsibilities and common legislative sense necessary to be President of any democratic nation. The Donald’s presidency is Senate Majority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell’s wildest political dream come true. Senator McConnell, a successful legislative wheeler dealer and no one’s fool, is well aware of The Donald’s political ignorance, his behavioural disability to tell the truth, and his attention seeking behaviour disability to be the centre of attention in any group of people. Senator McConnell’s knowledge of The Donald’s classical shortcomings will allow the Senate Majority Leader’s wheeler dealer abilities to put, without fear, any legislative mambo jumbo act with the guarantee that The Donald will sign the mambo jumbo act into law. The United States of America is indeed a nation without a president.




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