For want of a better word, this Blue Pencil is title: Religion. All of what is in quotes was copied from an article written by Matthew Syed, a journalist, author and broadcaster, United Kingdom. The article was published in The Times, on Monday June 12, 2017 on page 22.

“Unholy Charade” 

“I find myself shaking my head when people say terrorism is not representative of “true” Islam. What pray is true Islam? Who is to say which interpretation of the Holy Book, whether moderate or literal, Sumi or Shia (my dad’s version before he converted to Christianity), is the more valid?

When scientists disagree, experiments are preformed to test the facts.When businessmen disagree, their strategies are tested in the marketplace.When religious people disagree, however, they each pray to an imaginary god and then return even more convinced that they and they alone have the absolute truth

Perhaps the most darkly humorous aspect of all this is when politicians, who don’t believe in Islam join in the charade….” [End]

When I read the article, part of which is copied above, I was in Cork, Ireland and after reading it, I realised or realized (ise, ize, lower your weapons, both are correct) Christianity has the same problem; that is, if the Sumi and Shia do not surrender to common sense, they are going to wind up in the same dark bottomless hole of unholy foolishness in a fruitless contest of murder that the Roman Catholics and the Church of England have been in Northern Ireland since Henry VIII. In the above quote “When religious people….” fits Northern Island better than an expensive pair of underpants. Underpants because in Northern Island both the Roman Catholic and the Church of England do all their logical thinking with their Rear End. The same can be said about the Sumi and Shia. Will the problems of Christianity and Islam ever be solved? We can’t say never because humans do not live forever and never is forever. One solution, the one I have taken, is to realise or realize (lower your weapons! both come in peace) religion is mythical fictitious foolishness and has no place in human behaviour.



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