The US Supreme Court is too Small



The US Supreme Court is too small. So said Richard Allen Posner an American (USA) jurist and economist, who is a United States Circuit Judge for the United States Court of Appeals’ Seventh Circuit in Chicago, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ is a Federal Court, not a State Court. Judge Posner is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA Law School.Let us take a look at Judge Posner’s statement concerning the US Supreme Court.

“We have a crappy judicial system” and “most of the technicalities are antiquated crap.” We the readers need to assume the judge is referring to legal technicalities in the quoted statement. Well your honour, that sounds more like a Park Bench statement rather than a Court Bench statement; however, you have the First Amendment of the US Constitution on your side, which we need to keep in mind as we continue. Judge Posner supports increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices by ten: That is, the total number of Justices sitting in the Supreme Court would become nineteen. Let us see why the increase is needed.

Judge Posner reasons that the current Court is mediocre. Not very good, your Honour? The current Supreme Court is not very good, come, come your Honour, you cannot hide behind the First Amendment or take the Fifth (Fifth Amendment) with the mediocre statement: Name the Supreme Court Cases that were, in your opinion mediocre. Prove your reasoning is correct too.

Judge Posner also reasons the Supreme Court’s Justices are highly politicized [in their judgements] due to the political nature of the selection of the justices. Judge Posner, your Honour you are correct, 100% correct; however, the Supreme Court has been a political tool of the USA’s Executive and Legislative-Senate Branches of the US Government since 1789. Last years, 2016, the US Senate’s white supremacist’s disgraceful conduct of not holding hearings for the selection of a Supreme Court’s replacement of a deceased member most certainly helps to make you reasoning of the politicization of the US Supreme Court 100% correct; however, once again we need to have your solution to the problem. What is it?

US SC Retirement at age 80: In 1789, the idea of retiring at age 80 would have given the late night comedians, if any were around in 1789, some great material; today probably not. Today, mandatory retirement for SC Jurists at age 65 makes better sense, for one it keeps the SC’s door open and in search for twenty-first century legal ideology; however, we have a problem, the US Constitution, states in Article Three, “shall hold their Offices during good Behavior.”, also means, as long as the jurists is alive. Writing mandatory retirement into Article Three means a Constitutional change involving the fifty states. What is your answer to that problem, Judge Posner?

Increasing the number of SC Jurists by ten, the Judge thinks, would lead to decisions that are less influenced by the political or personal motivations or biases of the SC Jurists. Now that ideology of yours, your Honour would make great material for today’s late night comedians; indeed, the ideology may even get some laughs on the Afternoon Cooking Programs. Don’t let me discourage you, your Honour, but do try to keep the crap off the court bench.








Lie? I’m The Donald. It’s all fake news.


The Donald is a liar, The Donald is a liar Hi ho, the derry-o The Donald is a liar.

The Donald said the RAISE Act would be the most significant reform to our [USA] immigration system in half a century and would reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.

Let us first look back fifty years, actually fifty-two years to 1965 and the Hart-Celler Act which abolished national origins quotas; comparing the RAISE Act to the Hart-Celler Act, the RAISE Act was written by distinguished members of the USA’s KKK and given celebrated attention nationwide by The Donald. The RAISE Act is the USA’s biggest advance to prejudice, bigotry and intolerance in half a century.

The RAISE Act will reduce poverty? So said The Donald; let us ask The Donald. The Donald how will the RAISE Act reduce poverty? The Donald, If the USA completely abolished immigration will that abolish poverty in the USA? The Donald never tells the truth. The Donald is a liar, The Donald is a liar Hi ho, the derry-o The Donald is a liar.

The RAISE Act will increase wages. Let us ask The Donald how will the RAISE Act increase wages? The Donald another two questions please. By what percentage will the wages be increased? Who will be the wage earners who will be getting wage increases? The Donald never tells the truth. The Donald is a liar, The Donald is a liar Hi ho, the derry-o The Donald is a liar.

The Donald sir, my questions please: How will the RAISE Act save the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars? What year will the savings take place? The Donald never tells the truth. The Donald is a liar, The Donald is a liar Hi ho, the derry-o The Donald is a liar.









Antony, The Mooch, Scaramucci is out. Why? Why was The Mooch allowed in?

RF Writes assumed that some time in the normally forgotten past, The Mooch had a big buck business deal with the then the Donald in which the then the Donald came out the big loser. Fast forward to the present day and the now The Donald. Seeing a golden dream come true, to get even, The Donald hires The Mooch only to humiliate The Mooch by sacking him via National TV eleven days later; but that’s not true. According to the WH leaks, daughter and son-in-law wanted to rid the WH of Reince Priebus. Who to get? Being from NYC, they knew The Mooch was capable of ridding the WH of Reince Priebus. Enter Stage Left, a clever daddy o con-job. Bingo. RP and TM are gone forever from the WH and their hair too. Now the Big Question: How will the NYC Duo rid the WH of the General?




What should the European Union do in answer to the USA’s latest sanctions against Russia?

One, ignore the USA’s latest sanctions against Russia and help build the gas pipe in the East Sea to its completion.

Two, immediately establish am EU law requiring all persons living in and entering into any European Union Nation be passport identified, fully fingerprinted and photograph; this data will be kept on file within the Justice Department’s of all EU Nations for a period of seventy years.

Three, require all non EU Nationals entering the EU to have an EU entrance visa valid for six months.

Four, force all USA’s Military units out of all EU Nations, before the end of 2017.

In addition to the four items above, Germany needs to activate Article 67 of the German Constitution and replace the holy roller Angela Merkel with a common sense leader; if none can be found in Germany’s present day lower house, wait until the general election in September and vote out of office, and into the street, the entire German lower house.


Pursuing an Affordable Deficit through Fair Taxation


Now that the pursuit to establish an unfair medical care act has been put to sleep; let us pursue a fair tax code.

Pursuing an Affordable Deficit through Fair Taxation

The Fair Tax Code of 2018

The Fair Tax Code of 2018 is a non-deductible graduated flat tax on all accounts receivable, and on all earned and unearned income, including off-shore holdingsfor individuals, small businesses and corporations.

The favoured rates are listed here.

10% for $100,000 and less

20% for $200,000 and less

30% for $300,000 and less

40% for $400,000 and greater

Reaching an Affordable Deficit  

Abolish the US Marine Corps; the organisation is no longer needed. Withdraw, and close down all US Military units in Europe. They are pursuing ghosts, a fantasy the USA cannot afford. Withdraw all USA units from South Korea; their presents in South Korea are the cause of North Korea’s quest for atomic bombs and ICBM missiles.Close down all USA military units in Japan; the presents of the USA military in Japan is causing serious social problems with the Japanese. Withdraw all military personnel from Australia; the USA military is not needed in Australia.










If is a conjunction. If connects words that can go anywhere. One prominent example of if is Philip ll of Macedon 382 BCE to 336 BCE: “You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people and raze your city.”

The Spartan ephors (five senior Spartan magistrates) replied: “If” 

Jumping ahead 2376 years to the USA and if, we have: 

The USA would have far less problems if Senator Sanders had been treated honestly by the Democratic Party. The USA would have far less problems if Shifty Bill and Slippery Hillary had been honest, which they never were at any time in their political life. If the Democratic Party and the two Clinton’s had been honest, which they were not, the nomination for the Democratic Party would have been Vice President Biden or Senator Sanders; better yet, the final ticket for P., V.P. would have had both Biden and Sanders names on it. But if is if, a conjunction, and the Donald is now The Donald: Dishonesty is in; Homosexuality is out; Abortion is…; the USA’s Christian Crazies are drunk with joy; and every corrupt, murdering political terrorist round the world is the USA’s  friend, because if is if, and because the Donald is now The Donald.






The Donald who was never a member of the BSA


The Donald who was never a member of the BSA went to the BSA gathering, at great tax payer’s expense, to make a speech suitable for the KKK not the BSA; furthermore, the speech was suitable for an adult group of KKK members. Nothing of what The Donald said was suitable for the young minds found in any youthful organization. The Donald has many serious behaviour disabilites, which he has proven over and over again every day throughout his private and public life.

Unfortunately the USA has been culturally led to believe hard work, not education, lifts one from the gutter of the street up into the CEO’s chair. It is those adult daydreamers across the USA that put The Donald into the Presidency. I sometimes sit and wonder what those daydreamers will do when they hear The Donald has fired them.